Peru is a country known around the world for its millennia-old cultural heritage, but its natural treasures are just as attractive to the discerning naturalist. A land of contrasts and stunning beauty, Peru remains one of South America’s top touristic destinations. You can explore both the cold and generous waters of the Pacific coastline, the Andes that rise above 6,000 metres, and whose snowmelt waters trickle down to the Yungas, before entering the Amazon rainforests. All these conditions generate a very high biological diversity and a total bird list of 1,880 species, the second richest in the world after Colombia.

Our comprehensive series of birding tours takes you to the heart of the Inca country to meet the endemic and emblematic species. To discover this richness of birdlife, we offer you different tour options with fixed dates. If you have special wishes and dates, we can help you plan your own personal tour as a couple, a family or a small group of birding friends. Contact us for more information.

Destination Travels to Peru - Southern Peru, between stones and feathers with Birding Experience

Southern Peru, between stones and feathers

A tour from Lima through the Andes to the deep rainforests of Manu. We could not conceive of a birdwatching trip in southern Peru without including the world's most famous touristic site, Machu Picchu, where we will marvel at one of the wonders of the New World.

15 days
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