The DNA of the birding trip

In this fifteenth year of our tourism activities, shaken by profound questions, we seek more than ever to adapt, to change our habits and to rethink our offer. A constant questioning of our profession is now inevitable. We have decided to become the actors of a more committed tourism, more human but especially more coherent. By integrating a new rhythm and by reducing our brand. Because it’s all about permanent impact. But it is not a matter of “rethinking tomorrow’s travel”, but rather of initiating, today, concrete actions to compensate for yesterday’s mistakes. Reconstitute the true DNA of travel. Longer, slower trips, but more intense and more united. An almost complete reduction in the use of internal flights. More authentic human encounters, a commitment to a real reduction of the carbon footprint, through efficient mechanisms, making us tend towards a more participative tourism. We must generate a benevolent relationship with all the actors and especially with the elements that are requested during a trip. More than ever, we ask ourselves the question: how can we best share our passion, without accentuating the effects, and invite you to continue traveling? This website should not be used as a product brochure, but as a bucket list of inspiration to build together more harmonious and responsible trips. Do not hesitate to take the time to read and re-read it and to submit your projects and your desires, we will have, more than ever, the time to answer your requests. Let’s not be in a hurry, nature knows how to show itself to those who know how to wait.

The Birding Experience team



Why travel with Birding Experience

  • An experience of more than 15 years at the service of the country, protected areas, science and nature lovers and responsible tourism.
  • Birding Experience offers a range of specialized, exceptional tours created by and for nature and bird lovers.
  • Our groups are generally limited to 8 participants, to respect the sites of visits and to offer you a better experience by facilitating the observations of the species.
  • Our group tours include exceptional, unique and original sites, in accordance with the theme of the trip and where others do not go.
  • The quality of our customized tours is our professional trademark. We design any type of tour according to your interests, your needs, your pace, your budget and the number and type of participants. Call us or write to us, we will be happy to listen to you.
  • All our programs include visits to a maximum of conservation projects and research centers or scientific stations.
  • The pace of our tours is adapted to observation, interpretation and photography. Now more than ever let’s take the time to enjoy each place and each species.
  • Our trips are accompanied not only by specialized and passionate multilingual guides, but also include for some sites the best local guides, in order to help the local development. All our team will make your trip a safe and unforgettable experience.
  • We implement carbon offsetting mechanisms throughout our operation process (reforestation, scientific studies, disclosure, etc.).
  • Except in mandatory cases, our tours do not include internal flights in order to reduce our carbon footprint.



Birding Experience, an agency of the Nature Experience group

Nature Experience is a travel agency specialized in naturalist and scientific travel in the neo-tropics. Located in Quito, Ecuador, we operate throughout Latin America.

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