Colombia, with its almost 1900 species of birds, has been projected for many years as the Mecca of birdwatching. No other country in the world has such an extensive bird list as Colombia. You will find one fifth of the world’s birds, in just 1,000,000 km2, of which more than 90 are endemic!

But beyond the record number of bird species in its territory, this Andean, coastal and Amazonian country has some most endearing characteristics, making it not only one of the most remarkable South American destinations for birdwatching, but also for the extraordinary friendliness of its inhabitants. Colombia’s geography is as diverse as its culture. From east to west, it stretches from the Orinoco river to the Pacific Ocean and from north to south, from the Caribbean to the high northern Andes. The division of the Andes into three large mountain ranges is unique in South America. In the middle, the Cauca and Magdalena valleys are irrigated by rivers of the same name. In the north, Santa Marta and Perijá, are part of the two large coastal mountain ranges with the highest concentrations of endemic species.

A recent commitment to birding tourism has resulted in a multitude of new birding routes, lodges and private reserves, providing access to many of these more emblematic birds. Numerous hummingbird gardens and feeding stations throughout the country also make Colombia an excellent destination for photographers.

Destination Travels to Colombia - From Santa Marta to Perija with Birding Experience

From Santa Marta to Perija

A birdwatching tour through the heart of Colombia's most remote and least visited regions, offering diverse ecosystems and climates, ranging from the country's driest desert to the world's highest coastal range. The journey includes traversing the Magdalena River delta, mangrove zones, and semi-humid coastal forests. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Perija mountain…

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14 days
From 3780 US$
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Destination Travels to Colombia - Sublime Llanos with Birding Experience

Sublime Llanos

With over 700 species, birds are the undisputed stars of the Llanos. They share these large savannahs with an incredibly rich Amazonian fauna, Tamandua and Jaguar, armadillos and anaconda, howler monkey and capibara. Irrigated by the Orinoco River, these large ecosystems of grasslands, savannahs and wetlands interspersed with forests are a destination of choice for…

10 days
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Destination Travels to Colombia - Inírida with Birding Experience


Inírida is one of the most unknown regions of the Amazon basin. However, it has recently become one of the most popular destinations for birdwatchers, thanks to its high concentration of rare and specialised species, its incredible biodiversity and its geographical isolation. Located on the confluence of the Guaviare and Meta rivers, the Inírida River…

6 days
From 1500 US$
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