Escaping the effects of the last ice age, the large ecoregions corresponding to what is now Ecuador have become a natural refuge for many species. Here nature has been able to evolve, adapt and establish itself like nowhere else on Earth.

Nestled between the Amazon rainforest and the beaches of the Pacific, the smallest of the Andean countries has inherited an incomparable diversity over the centuries. It is considered one of the most biodiverse countries in the region and in the world. The 1700 species of birds present in Ecuador are distributed in 6 large bio-regions and more than 40 different ecosystems, easily accessible and with excellent accommodation facilities, which makes it a particularly popular country for birdwatchers, photographers and nature lovers. The exuberance of its flora and fauna, as well as its great cultural richness, ensures that the visitor will have unforgettable memories.

Destination Travels to Ecuador - Tumbesian endemics and southern Andes with Birding Experience

Tumbesian endemics and southern Andes

Southern Ecuador is probably one of the most exciting regions in terms of ornithological and naturalist discoveries. Off the beaten track, each corner offers a varied, exotic and rich nature, especially in terms of endemism. Of the country's large continental bioregions, the Tumbes region, which straddles the Peruvian border, is the richest in terms of…

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Destination Travels to Ecuador - From Chocó to Yasuni with Birding Experience

From Chocó to Yasuni

Located just a few wingbeats northwest of the Ecuadorian capital, the Andean Shocko, recently promoted to Biosphere Reserve status by UNESCO, has become one of the most emblematic bioregions in the tropical Andes. About 850 species of birds are concentrated here, 62 of which are endemic. From the other side of the high Andes, the…

16 days
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Destination Travels to Ecuador - On both sides of the Andes with Birding Experience

On both sides of the Andes

Throughout the trip we will cross different altitudinal gradients on either side of the Andes to explore the most renowned conservation projects in northern Ecuador. These natural and bird sanctuaries offer excellent opportunities for bird photography. Although hummingbirds, tanagers and toucans will be the main targets of this bird photography trip, all other neotropical birds…

17 days
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