Frozen by time and isolated from the rest of the world, some 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian coast, one of the most legendary archipelagos on the planet emerges from the tropical waters of the Pacific. A true naturalist’s Eden for some, a laboratory of evolution for others, the enchanted archipelago has nevertheless remained for a long time, as Charles Darwin described it, an “infernal region”.

Considered one of the most active volcanic areas on the planet, the relief and coasts of the archipelago have been shaped by the telluric marriage of fire and water. Over the course of some 8 million years, these magnificent volcanic formations have witnessed an unparalleled natural evolutionary history and the proliferation of unique life forms.

Most of the organisms here are endemic, and therefore unique. Whether confined to small, isolated islets in the archipelago, to the Scalesia forests of the highlands of the larger islands, or to the deep blue sea, bathed in temperate tropical currents, all life forms are as exceptional as they are unique. Due to the lack of natural predators, flightless cormorants have lost their ability to fly and, driven by the combination of cold currents and abundant food, penguins have decided to leave Antarctica to nest here. What about the clumsy albatrosses that gather on the Española Island for their curious nuptial dance, under the gaze of cobalt blue-legged boobies. All this and more makes up the amazing Galápagos Archipelago.

Our Galápagos itineraries are therefore not classic cruises and are essentially focused on the observation of the local birdlife, without however neglecting the other naturalist aspects of the archipelago. Because of their relaxed pace, they also provide excellent photographic opportunities. These cruises are accompanied by a local bilingual guide, allowing a better understanding of naturalist interpretations, and above all correct identification of the Galápagos birds.

Destination Travels to Galápagos - Special photo cruise to the Galapagos with Birding Experience

Special photo cruise to the Galapagos

The landscapes of the enchanted archipelago are most fascinating, as is the fauna that inhabits it. All these varied, unusual and mimetic creatures combine in a panel of black, grey, ochre and green matisses, giving the monochrome and placid scenery a few touches of movement. These surrealistic landscapes call for a deep insight into an…

12 days
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Destination Travels to Galápagos - Darwin’s Endemics with Birding Experience

Darwin's Endemics

This unique birdwatching cruise has been meticulously designed by our expert birders to optimize the sighting of almost all the birds present on the Galapagos islands. Our tour has been authorized by the Galapagos National Park to adapt the standard boat routes, allowing us to visit all the key birding locations, including the remote northern…

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12 days
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Destination Travels to Galápagos - Special birding cruise to the Galápagos with Birding Experience

Special birding cruise to the Galápagos

Comprising 14 islands and numerous islets and rocks, the Galapagos archipelago was formed by a volcanic hotspot. Additionally, the Galapagos are situated at a convergence point of several ocean currents, resulting in varied climates and seasons. The frigid waters of the Humboldt Current from the south bring nutrients, prompting breeding seasons, while warm northern currents…

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Ecuador, Galápagos
12 days
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