Catherine & Patrick Guyomard

Catherine & Patrick Guyomard

Did a tailor made trip based on: From Santa Marta to Perija

How did you discover Birding Experience?

"This is our third trip with Nature Experience (2 with Ecuador Experience and this one with Birding Experience). The first 2 in Ecuador in 2009 and 2011."


What did you learn from your trip to Colombia? If you'd like to share a memory, an emotion or an anecdote, please don't hesitate!

"Several discoveries, on Ferney's initiative:
- Morning at the Ukuku lodge (owned by Annie and David) at the foot of Nevado Tolima for birdwatching. Excellent breakfast and lunch. This lodge could be a charming alternative to an overnight stay in Ibague.
- Visit to Finca de la Union (Alfonso and Elisabeth) (small biodynamic coffee farm) - birdwatching and detailed tour of the plantation and facilities.
- Hacienda El Bosque, on the road to Nevado del Ruiz, for 2 birdwatching sites for gralaires, hummingbirds and Andean toucans.
- Gralaires observation site, on the road between Rio Sucio and Jardin, at Lucia's Mirador El Roble. A very pleasant moment.

I was able to fulfill my fantasy of seeing roosters up close. The Jardin site is truly extraordinary and has been superbly enhanced by the owner. We spent several very pleasant hours in this charming place.


Do you have any other general comments about your trip?

"This trip was well in line with our expectations. We saw a lot of birds, especially thanks to Ferney.
We liked the country. We always felt comfortable and safe. The people are friendly and smiling. Of course, we were in the coffee region, which is quite rich.
The scenery in the Andes is superb, making our journeys less monotonous.

The first part at Cano Cristales was very pleasant, the colors lived up to our expectations and the walks were varied and enjoyable.

The discovery of Tatacoa was very interesting, both for the landscapes and colors and for the very instructive sky and star observation session (it was the first time I had observed Jupiter and its satellites so well). For us, it justified the special trip up there."


A few words to add?

"I've just put the slideshow of our trip to Colombia online.

I've included the photos that were the most beautiful both aesthetically and technically. They only represent half of all the species I was able to photograph.

In total, I counted 211 species photographed (thanks to Ferney).

I'm preparing another slide show with all 211 species, so that Xavier can get an idea of everything we were able to photograph. Clearly, we saw more birds than I had time to... point the lens, frame, focus and... press the shutter release.

I was able to verify that the average exposure time for a bird on a branch is 2.5 s, and that all of the above is 2.8 s. But you already know that. But you already know that.

Don't forget to turn on the sound."


Catherine & Patrick Guyomard – Birdwatching trip - Colombia – September 2019


Translated from french version

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